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Who is Sergej Soller?

So you want to know who I am?


I’am the author of this site and responsible for the fact that you have found this page.

More precisely

I am husband, father, passionate coder and one of the founders of A.P. Donovan.

Even more precisely

In 1990 I immigrated from the former Soviet-Union to Germany when I was 9 years old. At the age of 13 I wrote my first Turbo Pascal program, was trained as an IT specialist at Siemens and at the Harz University of Applied Sciences as a diploma computer scientist.

Worked until 2011 as an employee and then as a freelance software developer.

Became mega-proud father of three children and founded the brand A.P. Donovan together with my brother in 2016.

Since then I have been working not only as a software developer, but also in areas beyond that.

Who is looking for me?

Are you a potential client who is looking for a freelancer and wants to know if the candidate Sergej Soller is worth his money? The objective answer: Yes! And here are my skills.

Are you a client of A.P. Donovan and would like to know who writes you emails from time to time with informative and compelling content? Yep, you found me 🙂

Are you a schoolmate or former fellow student who just wants to say hello? I would be really happy about it! Write to me: My first name At Soller Dot Work.