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It’s 2020, why launch a blog?

Four years ago my server went down and I lost my blog. The content of 10 years was irreversibly deleted.

In the meantime I have overcome my sadness and start over. Why? Because a blog is a multifunctional tool.

For me the most important function of a blog is self-therapy. Writing helps me to think. There is a Russian expression for this: “разложить всё по полочкам”. Which means “cleaning up shelves”. I like to brew a coffee in the morning and start the day with a few written thoughts.

Unlike my last blog, this one will be in English. I do not have much practice in the English language. But that’s exactly why I leave my comfort zone and invest the extra time in learning.

But probably the most important feature is the self-commitment. Since I am one of the rather impatient people, I get bored quickly and like to not finish private projects. I have made the experience that due to (public) self-commitment I can find the necessary persistence to get projects done.

What do I write about?

There is no specific subject, except what is going through my mind right now. Business development, children, software engineering, personal growth, living & working on the go, nutrition & health, etc. The range is wide and I am curious myself what I will read here in a year…

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