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How To Teach Kids At Home?

There are probably not very many people who have access to the internet and then haven’t heard of COVID19.

My feeling is that this was a bigger black swan for the majority of people than the collapse of the two three towers on September 11, 2001.

In March 2020, governments around the world decided to crash their economies, destroy a lot of existences and put most people in a condition of shock and fear.

I personally cannot influence the events and am only a observer. I would like to be uninvolved, but this seems to be a join-in cinema.

Unlike others, I am lucky enough to earn my money on the internet and can work at home. And that’s a good thing, because I’ve been in quarantine with my family for three days.

Why? I guess because the second part of the join-in movie is currently playing in the cinema.

Since our children are not allowed to go to school, this automatically leads me to the question asked in the title: How do you teach children at home?

What’s The Master Plan?

Teaching children takes time. A lot of time. But when husband and wife have to earn a living, a part-time teaching job is simply not an option.

For this reason, my wife and I have started a social experiment within the family today. We are trying to rely on our children’s ability to organize themselves.

As second and third grade students, there are not many obligatory tasks. Actually only arithmetic, writing and reading.

But in school they still do sports, handicrafts, painting and playing.

Now we have taken their timetable and divided it into individual blocks. And we have added more blocks so that we get something like this:

4x reading
4x writing
4x calculation
2x lessons in general subjects
3x motion
1x hour with dad
1x hour with mom
5x project
1x choose movie
3x exercises with an app

This resulted in 30 “to-do blocks” that the children have to complete during the week. We have intentionally included not only “work”, but also things that the children enjoy. For example, watching a movie.

The theory is as follows:

  1. On Monday all blocks are in the red box.
  2. The children take them one by one and work them off. Which blocks they do and when is up to them.
  3. When a block is finished, it goes into the green box.
  4. On Sunday evening, the red box should be empty and the children explain briefly how they got along so that we can make adjustments if necessary.

We started with this today and I am curious if and how this will work…

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