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How To Teach Kids At Home? Update #1

99.99999999999% of the events of this world do not affect me, my family, or other people I know. Therefore I protect myself from “news”, like no other kind of (dis)information. I avoid them intentionally and take great care that they do not reach me.

Since I can only influence my environment (and most events are outside my sphere of influence) the news content has no value for me. (Except when I want to scare myself.)

If it is important, then I will somehow hear about it. For example, my brother told me yesterday that the German government wants to “discuss” a second lockdown. Did not surprise me at all. It fits into my world view and I can already guess what the result of this “discussion” will be.

Today we got our negative test results and we are allowed to leave the quarantine again. (At least until the coming lockdown.) It fits quite well, because we learn to teach our children at home anyway.

Two days ago we started an experiment and wanted to know if our children can organize themselves in a meaningful way so that my wife and I have time for our work. Today I can already share the first results.

We have two school children, while the third one is still in preschool. On Monday, we explained the idea to our school children and the first both had completed 6 of their 30 blocks each at the same day.

The youngest had not been given any tasks, which was a mistake. Because now her siblings were busy but she had no playmates anymore. So my wife and I had to keep her busy.

That’s when the Eisenhower’s principle came to my mind: “Is it urgent, but not important? Then delegate it to others.”

So we also created separate blocks of tasks for the youngest one. Learning numbers and letters, for example. And replaced 4 blocks of the older ones by: “practice with sister”. This way our youngest is already practicing for school and the two older ones are learning how to explain things and teach others.

At least yesterday, that worked out wonderfully.

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