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Dependency Sucks

We are back from our all-inclusive vacation in Egypt. This was probably our last trip of this kind. What a horror trip.

I don’t want to talk about the “why” at all, but write about what I took as a lesson and what I want to make out of it.

Not much is needed anymore and working from any location becomes reality for my wife and me. We have been working on this for several years and it is only possible due to our self-employment.

However, the last two years also show how fragile our company is. We fell into the Amazon FBA trap in 2014 and only very late understood that this concept leads to a dead end.

Since then, we have been taking steps to improve this situation and gradually releasing our company from this toxic dependency. This process is not painless, but I am glad that we have taken this course.

“Dependency” is the actual question here.

During our vacation we were tied to a place for two weeks, which somehow looked different in the flyer than what we experienced on arrival. And our travel agent sat it out so we could neither go to another hotel nor cancel the vacation.

We could have returned at our expense, but I had the illusion that we had some kind of demand to the service we were paying for.

The point is: we only have ourselves to blame for this experience. Nobody forced us to buy the pig in a poke and then put ourselves in the hands of a travel agent for two weeks.

We could just as well have bought the plane tickets, booked a night in this hotel and moved to another hotel the next day. It would have been more inconvenient, but after the first night in this hotel we would have realized the advantages and would have had a better stay.

The deep thinking about dependencies made me realize this as well: How careless is it that I receive my income from a single source?

Whether I am employed or self-employed, I think it is better to receive 1,000€ from 10 different sources per month than 10,000€ from a single source.

The ironic thing is that diversity is not new to me. Of course I know that it is deadly for a company if 80% of the orders come from a single customer. Or if you invest all your money into a single stock.

But “knowing” something because you have read it in a book, or “understanding” something because you have come to this conclusion through your experience are two different things.

And for this reason alone, this vacation was not a complete flop, but had something good. The project for the next few years will be diversity.

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